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A A publication in Class D.

Being the Ritual of the Mark of the Beast: an incantationproper to invoke the Energies of the Aeon of Horus, adepted for daily useof  the Magician of whatever grade.


The Oath of the Enchantment, which is called The ElevenfoldSeal.

The Animadversion towards the Aeon.

1. Let the Magician, robed and armed as he may deem tobe fit,  turn his face towards Boleskine, that is the House of TheBeast 666.

2. Let him strike the battery 1-3-3-3-1.

3. Let him put the Thumb of his right hand between itsindex and  mesius, and make the gestures hereafter following.

The Vertical Component of the Enchantment.

1. Let him describe a circle about his head, crying NUIT!

2. Let him draw the Thumb vertically downward and touchthe  Muladhara Cakkra, crying, HADIT!

3. Let him, retracing the line, touch the centre of hisbreast and  cry RA-HOOR-KHUIT!

The Horizontal Components of the Enchantment.

1. Let him touch the Center of his Forehead, his mouth,and his larynx, crying AIWAZ!

2. Let him draw his thumb from right to left across hisface at the level of the nostrils.

3. Let him touch the centre of his breast, and his solarplexus, crying THERION!

4. Let him draw his thumb from left to right across hisbreast, at the level of the sternum.

5. Let him touch the Svadistthana, and the Muladhara Cakkra,crying BABALON!

6. Let him draw his thumb from right to left across hisabdomen, at the level of the hips. (Thus shall he formulate the Sigil ofthe Grand Hierophant, but dependant from the circle.)

The Assevetation of the Spell.

1. Let the Magician clasp his hands upon the Wand, hisfingers and thumbs interlaced, crying LAShTAL! THELEMA! FIAOF! AGAPE! AUMGN!

(Thus shall be declared the Words of Power whereby theEnergies of the Aeon of Horus word his will in the world.)

The Proclamation of the Accomplishment.

1. Let the Magician strike the battery: 3-5-3, cryingABRAHADABRA.


The Enchantment

1. Let the Magician, still facing Boleskine, advance tothe circumference of his circle.

2. Let him turn himself towards the left, and pace withthe stealth and swiftness of a tiger the precincts of his circle, untilhe complete one revolution thereof.

3. Let him give the Sign of Horus (or The Enterer) ashe passeth, so to project the force that radiatheth from Boleskine beforehim.

4. Let him pace his path until he comes to the North;there let him halt, and turn his face to the North.

5. Let him trace with his wand the Averse Pentagram properto invoke Air (Aquarius).

6. Let him bring the Wand to the centre of the Pentagramand call upon NUIT.

7. Let him make the sign called Puella, standing withhis feet together, head bowed, his left hand shielding the Muladhara Cakkra,and his right hand shielding his breast(attitude of Venus de Medici).

8. Let him turn again to the left, and pursue his Pathas before, projecting the force from Bolskine as he passeth; let him haltwhen he next cometh to the South and face outward.

9. Let him trace the Averse Pentagram that invoketh Fire(Leo).

10. Let him point his wand to the centre of the Pentagram,and cry, HADIT!

11. Let him give the sign Puer, Standing with feet together,and head erect. Let his right hand (the thumb extended at right anglesto the fingers) be raised, the forearm vertical at a right angle with theupper arm, which is horizontally extended in the line joining the sholders.Let his left hand, the thumb extended forwards and the fingers clenched,rest at the junction of the thighs (Attitude of the Gods Mentu, Khem, etc.).

12. Let him proceed as before; then in the East, let himmake the Averse Pentagram that invoketh Earth (Taurus).

13. Let him point his wand to the centre of the pentagram,and cry, THERION!

14. Let him give the sign called Vir, the feet together.The hands, with clenched finger and thumbs thrust out forwards, are heldto the temples; the head is then bowed and pushed out, as if to symbolizethe butting of an horded beast (attitude of Pan, Bacchus, etc).

15. Proceeding as before, let him make in the West theAverse Pentagram whereby Water is invoked.

16. Pointing the wand to the centre of the Pentagram,let him call upon BABYLON!!

17. Let him give the sign Mulier. The feet are widelyseparated, and the arms raised so as to suggest a cresent. The head isthrown back (attitude of Baphomet, Isis in Welcome, the Microcosm of Vitruvius).

18. Let him break into the dance, tracing a centripetalspiral widdershins, enriched by revolutions upon his axis as he passetheach quarter, until he come to the centre of the circle. There let himhalt, facing Boleskine.

19. Let him raise the wand, trace the Mark of the Beast,andd cry AIWAS!

20. Let him trace the invoking Hexagram of the Beast.

21. Let him lower the wand, striking the Earth therewith.

22. Let him give the sign of Mater Triumphans (THe feetare together; the left arm is curved as if it supported a child; the thumband index finger of the right hand pinch the nipple of the left breast,as if offering it to that child). Let him utter the word THELEMA!

23. Perform the spiral dance moving deosil and whirlingwiddershins. Each time on passing the West extend the wand to the quarterin question, and bow;

a. "Before me the powers of LA!" (to west).
b. "Behind me the powers of AL!" (to east).
c. "On my right hand the powers of LA!" (to North).
d. "On my left hand the powers of AL!" (to South).
e. "Above me the powers of ShT!" (leaping into the air).
f. "Beneath me the powers of ShT!" (striking the ground).
g. "Within me the powers!" (in the attitude of Phthaherect,
the feet together, the hands clasped upon the verticalwand.)
h. "About me flames my Father's face, the Star of Forceand Fire."
i. "And in the Column stands His six-rayed Splendour!"
(This dance may be omitted, and the whold utterance chantedin the attitude of Phthah.)


This is identical with the First Gesture.


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