Liber VIII

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Publication in Class D

And thus shall he do who will attain unto the mysteryof the knowledge and
conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel:

First, let him prepare a chamber, of which the walls andthe roof shall be
white, and the floor shall be covered with a carpet ofblack squares and white,
and the border thereof shall be blue and gold.

And if it be in a town, the room shall have no window,and if it be in the
country, then it is better if the window be in the roof.Or, if it be
possible, let this invocation be performed in a templeprepared for the ritual
of passing through the Tuat.

From the roof he shall hang a lamp, wherein is a red glass,to burn olive oil.
And this lamp shall he cleanse and make ready after theprayer of sunset, and
beneath the lamp shall be an altar, foursquare, &the height shall be thrice
half of the breadth or double the breadth.

And upon the altar shall be a censor, hemispherical, supportedupon three legs,
of silver, and within it an hemisphere of copper, andupon the top a grating
of gilded silver, and thereupon shall he burn incensemade of four parts of
olibanum and two parts of stacte, and one part of lignumaloes, or of cedar,
or of sandal. And this is enough.

And he shall also keep ready in a flask of crystal withinthe altar, holy
anointing oil made of myrrh and cinnamon and galangal.

And even if he be of higher rank than a Probationer, heshall yet wear the
robe of the Probationer, for the star of flame showethforth Ra Hoor Khuit
openly upon the breast, and secretly the blue trianglethat descendeth is
Nuit, and the red triangle that ascendeth is Hadit. AndI am the golden Tau
in the midst of their marriage. Also, if he choose, hemay instead wear a
close-fitting robe of shot silk, purple and green, andupon it a cloak without
sleeves, of bright blue, covered with golden sequins,and scarlet within.

And he shall make himself a wand of almond wood or ofhazel cut by his own
hands at dawn at the Equinox, or at the Solstice, oron the day of Corpus
Christi, or on one of the feast-days that are appointedin "The Book of the

And he shall engrave with his own hand upon the plateof gold the Holy
Sevenfold Table, or the Holy Twelvefold Table, or someparticular device. And
it shall be foursquare within a circle, and the circleshall be winged, and he
shall attach it about his forehead by a ribbon of bluesilk.

Moreover, he shall wear a fillet of laurel or rose orivy or rue, and every
day, after the prayer of sunrise, he shall burn it inthe fire of the censor.

Now he shall pray thrice daily, about sunset, and at midnight,and at sunrise.
And if he be able, he shall pray also four times betweensunrise and sunset.

The prayer shall last for the space of an hour, at theleast, and he shall
seek ever to extend it, and to inflame himself in praying.Thus shall he
invoke his Holy Guardian Angel for eleven weeks, andin any case he shall pray
seven times daily during the last week of the elevenweeks.

And during all this time he shall have composed an invocationsuitable, with
such wisdom and understanding as may be given him fromthe Crown, and this
shall he write in letters of gold upon the top of thealtar.

For the top of the altar shall be of white wood, wellpolished, and in the
centre thereof he shall have placed a triangle of oak-wood,painted with
scarlet, and upon this triangle the three legs of thecensor shall stand.

Moreover, he shall copy his invocation upon a sheet ofpure white vellum, with
Indian ink, and he shall illuminate it according to hisfancy and imagination,
that shall be informed by beauty.

And on the first day of the twelfth week he shall enterthe chamber at
sunrise, and he shall make his prayer, having first burntthe conjuration that
he had made upon the vellum in the fire of the lamp.

Then, at his prayer, shall the chamber be filled withlight insufferable for
splendour, and a perfume intolerable for sweetness. Andhis Holy Guardian
Angel shall appear unto him, yea, his Holy Guardian Angelshall appear unto
him, so that he shall be wrapt away into the Mysteryof Holiness.

All that day shall he remain in the enjoyment of the knowledgeand
conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

And for three days after he shall remain from sunriseunto sunset in the
temple, and he shall obey the counsel that his Angelshall have given unto
him, and he shall suffer those things that are appointed.

And for ten days thereafter shall he withdraw himselfas shall have been
taught unto him from the fullness of that communion,for he must harmonize the
world that is within with the world that is without.

And at the end of the ninety-one days he shall returninto the world, and
there shall he perform that work to which the Angel shallhave appointed him.

And more than this it is not necessary to say, for hisAngel shall have
entreated him kindly, and showed him in what manner hemay be most perfectly
involved. And unto him that hath this Master there isnothing else that he
needeth, so long as he continue in the knowledge andconversation of the
Angel, so that he shall come at last into the City ofthe Pyramids.



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