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Sub Figura XXX

0. Learn first - Oh thou who aspirest unto our ancientOrder! - that  Equilibrium is the basis of the Work. If thou thyselfhast not a sure  foundation, whereon wilt thou stand to direct theforces of Nature?

1. Know then, that as man is born into this world amidstthe Darkness  of Matter, and the strife of contending forces; so musthis first endeavor  be to seek the Light through their reconciliation.

2. Thou then who hast trials and troubles, rejoice becauseof them,  for in them is Strength, and by their means is a pathwayopened unto that  Light.

3. How should it be otherwise, O man, whose life is buta day in  Eternity, a drop in the Ocean of time; how, were thy trialsnot many,  couldst thou purge thy soul from the dross of earth? Is it but now that the Higher Life is beset with dangers and  difficulties;hath it not ever been so with the Sages and Hierophants of
the past? They have been persecuted and reviled, theyhave been tormented
of men; yet through this also has their Glory increased.

4. Rejoice therefore, O Initiate, for the greater thytrial the  greater thy Triumph. When men shall revile thee, and speakagainst thee  falsely, hath not the Master said, "Blessed art thou!"?

5. Yet, oh aspirant, let thy victories bring thee notVanity, for with  increase of Knowledge should come increase of Wisdom.He who knoweth  little, thinketh he knoweth much; but he who knowethmuch has learned his  own ignorance. Seest thou a m an wise in hisown conceit? There is more  hope of a fool, than of him.

6. Be not hasty to condemn others; how knowest thou thatin their  place, thou couldst have resisted the temptation? And evenwere it so, why  shouldst thou despise one who is weaker than thyself?

7. Thou therefore who desirest Magical Gifts, be surethat thy soul is  firm and steadfast; for it is by flattering thyweaknesses that the Weak  Ones will gain power over thee. Humble thyselfbefore thy Self, yet fear  neither man nor spirit. Fe ar is failure,and the forerunner of failure: and courage is the beginning of virtue.

8. Therefore fear not the Spirits, but be firm and courteouswith  them; for thou hast no right to despise or revile them; andthis too may  lead thee astray. Command and banish them, curse themby the Great Names  if need be; but neither mock or revile them, forso assuredly wilt thou be  led to error.

9. A man is what he maketh himself within the limits fixedby his  inherited destiny; he is a part of mankind; his actions affectnot only  what he called himself, but also the whole universe.

10. Worship, and neglect not, the physical body whichis thy temporary  connection with the outer and material world. Thereforelet thy mental  Equilibrium be above disturbance by material events;strengthen and control  the animal passions, discip line the emotionsand the reason, nourish the  Higher Aspirations.

11. Do good to others for its own sake, not for reward,not for  gratitude from them, not for sympathy. If thou art generous,thou wilt not  long for thine ears to be tickled by expressions ofgratitude.

12. Remember that unbalanced force is evil; that unbalancedseverity is  but cruelty and oppression; but that also unbalancedmercy is but weakness  which would allow and abet Evil. Act passionately;think rationally; be  Thyself.

13. True ritual is as much action as word; it is Will.

14. Remember that this earth is but an atom in the universe,and that  thou thyself art but an atom thereon, and that even couldstthou become the  God of this earth whereon thou crawlest and grovellest,that thou wouldst,  even then, be but an atom , and one amongst many.

15. Nevertheless have the greatest self-respect, and tothat end sin  not against thyself. The sin which is unpardonable isknowingly and  wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest thatknowledge pander not  to thy prejudices.

16. To obtain Magical Power, learn to control thought;admit only those  ideas that are in harmony with the end desired,and not every stray and  contradictory Idea that presents itself.

17. Fixed thought is a means to an end. Therefore payattention to the  power of silent thought and meditation. The materialact is but the  outward expression of thy thought, and therefore hathit been said that  "the thought of foolishness is si n." Thought isthe commencement of  action, and if a chance thought can produce mucheffect, what cannot fixed  thought do?

18. Therefore as hath already been said, Establish thyselffirmly in  the equilibrium of forces, in the centre of the Cross ofthe Elements, that  Cross from whoses centre the Creative Word issuedin the birth of the  dawning Universe.

19. Be thou therefore prompt and active as the Sylphs,but avoid  frivolity and caprice; be energetic and strong like theSalamanders, but  avoid irritability and ferocity; be flexible andattentive to images like the Undines, but avoid idleness an d changeability;be laborious and  patient like the Gnomes, but avoid grossness andavarice.

20. So shalt thou gradually develop the powers of thysoul, and fit  thyself to command the Spirits of the elements. Forwert thou to summon  the Gnomes to pander thine avarice, thou wouldstno longer command them,  but they would command thee. Wo uldst thouabuse the pure beings of the  woods and mountains to fill thy coffersand satisfy thy hunger of Gold?  Wouldst thou debase the Spirits ofLiving Fire to serve thy wrath and  hatred? Wouldst thou violate thepurity of the Souls of the Waters to  pander thy lust of debauchery?Wouldst thou force the Spirits of the  Evening Breeze to ministerthy folly and caprice? Know that with such  desires thou canst butattract the Weak, not the Strong, and in that case
the Weak will have power over th ee.

21. In true religion there is no sect, therefore takeheed that thou  blaspheme not the name by which another knoweth hisGod; for if thou do  this thing in Jupiter thou wilt blaspheme YHVHand in Osiris YChShVCh. Ask  and ye shall have! Seek, and ye shallfind! Knock, and it shall be opened  unto you!


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