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A.'. A.'.
Publication in Class D
(for Winners of the Ordeal X.)
{three flags/axes meaning "Neteru"}...
V.V.V.V.V. ...
N. Fra A.'. A.'.
O.M. 7 Degree = 4Square.

000. This is the Book of the Cult of the Infinite Within.

00. The Aspirant is Nuit. Nuit is the infinite expansionof the Rose;
Hadit the infinite concentration of the Rood. ("Instructionof V.V.V.V.V.")

0. First let the Aspirant learn in his heart the SecondChapter of the Book of the Law. ("Instruction of V.V.V.V.V.")

1. Worship, "i.e." identify thyself with, Nuit, as a lambentflame of blue,  all-touching, all-penetrant, her lovely hands uponthe black earth, and her
lithe body arched for love, and her soft feet not hurtingthe little flowers,
even as She is imaged in the Stele of Revealing. "Thisis the first practice of Meditation "("ccxx. I." 26).

2. Let him further identify himself with the heart ofNuit, whose ecstasy is in that of her children, and her joy to see theirjoy, who sayeth: I love you! I yearn to you. Pale or purple, veiled orvoluptuous, I who am all pleasure and purple, and drunkenness of the innermostsense, desire you. Put on the wings, and arose the coiled splendour withinyou: come unto me! ... Sing the rapturous love-song unto me! Burn to meperfumes! Wear to me jewels! Drink to me, for I love you! I love you! Iam the blue-lidded daughter of Sunset; I am the naked brilliance of thevoluptuous night-sky. To me! To me! "This is the second practice of Meditation"("ccxx.I." 13, 61, 63, 64, 65).

3. Let the Aspirant apply himself to comprehend Haditas an unextended
point clothed with Light ineffable. And let him bewarelest he be dazzled by
that Light. "This is the first practice of Intelligence"("ccxx. II." 2).

4. Let the Aspirant apply himself to comprehend Haditas the ubiquitous
centre of every sphere conceivable. "This is the secondpractice of Intelligence "("ccxx. I." 2).

5. Let the Aspirant apply himself to comprehend Haditas the soul of every
man, and of every star, conjoining this in his Understandingwith the Word
("cxx. I." 2). "Every man and every woman is a star."Let this conception
be that of Life, the giver of Life, and let him perceivethat therefore the
knowledge of Hadit is the knowledge of death. "This isthe third practice of Intelligence "("ccxx. II." 6).

6. Let the Aspirant apply himself to comprehend Haditas the Magician or
maker of Illusion, and the Exorcist or destroyer of Illusion,under the figure
of the axle of the Wheel, and the cube in the circle.Also as the Universal
Soul of Motion.

(This conception harmonises Thoth and Harpocrates in avery complete and
miraculous manner. Thoth is both the Magus of Taro (seeLib. 418) and the
Universal Mercury; Harpocrates both the destroyer ofTyphon and the Babe on
the Lotus. Note that the "Ibis position" formulates thisconception most
exactly. ED.) "This is the fourth practice of Intelligence"("ccxx. II." 7).

7. Let the Aspirant apply himself to comprehend Haditas the perfect, that
is Not, and solve the mystery of the numbers of Haditand his components by
his right Ingenium. "This is the fifth practice of Intelligence"("ccxx. II." 15, 16).

8. Let the Aspirant, bearing him as a great King, rootout and destroy
without pity all things in himself and his surroundingswhich are weak, dirty,
or diseased, or otherwise unworthy. And let him be exceedingproud and
"This is the first practice of Ethics "("ccxx. II." 18,19, 20, 21).

9. Let the Aspirant apply himself to comprehend Haditas the Snake that giveth Knowledge and Delight and bright glory, who stirreththe hearts of men
with drunkenness. This snake is blue and gold; its eyesare red, and its
spangles green and ultra-violet.

(That is, as the most exalted form of the Serpent Kundalini.)
"This is the sixth practice of Intelligence "("ccxx.II." 22, 50, 51).

10. Let him further identify himself with this Snake."This is the second practice of Meditation "("ccxx. II." 22).

11. Let the Aspirant take wine and strange drugs, accordingto his
knowledge and experience, and be drunk thereof.

(The Aspirant should be in so sensitive a condition thata single drop,
perhaps even the smell, should suffice. ED.)
"This is the first practice of Magick Art "("ccxx. II."22).

12. Let the Aspirant concentrate his consciousness inthe Rood Cross set
up upon the Mountain, and identify himself with It. Lethim be well aware of
the difference between Its own soul, and that thoughtwhich it habitually
awakes in his own mind.
"This is the third practice of Meditation, and as itwill be found, a
comprehension and harmony and absorption of the practicesof Intelligence "
("ccxx, II." 22).

13. Let the Aspirant apply himself to comprehend Haditas the Unity which
is the Negative. (Ain Elohim. ED.)
"This is the seventh practice of Intelligence "("ccxx.II." 23).

14. Let the Aspirant live the life of a strong and beautifulbeing, proud
and exalted, contemptuous of and fierce toward all thatis base and vile.
"This is the second practice of Ethics "("ccxx. II."24, 25, 45-49, 52, 56-

15. Let the Aspirant apply himself to comprehend Haditaccording to this
26th verse of the Second Chapter of the Book of the Law.And this shall be
easy for him if he have well accomplished the Third Practiceof Meditation.
"This is the eighth practice of Intelligence" ("ccxx,II. "26).

16. Let the Aspirant destroy Reason in himself accordingto the practice in
"This is the fourth practice of Meditation "("ccxx. II."27-33).

17. Let the Aspirant observe duly the Feasts appointedby the A.'. A.'. and
perform such rituals of the elements as he possesseth,invoking them duly in
their season.
"This is the second practice of Magick Art" ("ccxx. II."35-43).

18. Let the Aspirant apply himself to comprehend Haditas a babe in the egg
of the Spirit (Akasha. ED.) that is invisible withinthe 4 elements.
"This is the ninth practice of Intelligence" ("ccxx.II." 49).

19. The Aspirant seated in his Asana will suddenly commenceto breathe
strangely, and this without the Operation of his will;the Inspiration will be
associated with the thought of intense excitement andpleasure, even to
exhaustion; and the Expiration very rapid and forceful,as if this excitement
were suddenly released.
"This is the first and last Indication of the Sign ofthe Beginning of this
Result "("ccxx. II." 63).

20. A light will appear to the Aspirant, unexpectedly.Hadit will arise
within him, and Nuit concentrate Herself upon him fromwithout. He will be
overcome, and the Conjunction of the Infinite Withoutwith the Infinite Within
will take place in his soul, and the One be resolvedinto the None.
"This is the first Indication of the Nature of the Result"("ccxx. II." 61,
62, 64).

21. Let the Aspirant strengthen his body by all meansin his power, and let
him with equal pace refine all that is in him to thetrue ideal of Royalty.
Yet let his formula, as a King's ought, be Excess.
"This is the third practice of Ethics "("ccxx. II." 70,71).

22. To the Aspirant who succeeds in this practice theresult goes on
increasing until its climax in his physical death inits due season. This
practice should, however, prolong life.
"This is the second Indication of the Nature of the Result"("ccxx. II."
66, 72-74).

23. Let the Adept aspire to the practice of Liber XI.and preach to mankind.
"This is the fourth Practice of Ethics "("ccxx. II."76).

24. Let the Adept worship the Name, foursquare, mystic,wonderful, of the
Beast, and the name of His house; and give blessing andworship to the prophet
of the lovely Star.
"This is the fifth practice of Ethics" ("ccxx. II." 78,79).

25. Let the Aspirant expand his consciousness to thatof Nuit, and bring it
rushing inward. It may be practised by imagining thatthe Heavens are
falling, and then transferring the consciousness to them.
"This is the fifth practice of Meditation. (Instructionof V.V.V.V.V.)"

26. Summary. Preliminaries.
These are the necessary possessions.
1. Wine and strange drugs.

27. Summary continued. Preliminaries.
These are the necessary comprehensions.
1. The nature of Hadit (and of Nuit, and the relationsbetween them.)

28. Summary continued. Preliminaries.
These are the meditations necessary to be accomplished.

1. Identification with Nuit, body and spirit.
2. Identification with Hadit as the Snake.
3. Identification with Hadit as the Rood Cross.
4. Destruction of Reason.
5. The falling of the Heavens.

29. Summary continued. Preliminaries.
These are the Ethical Practices to be accomplished.

1. The destruction of all unworthiness in one's self andone's
2. Fulness, almost violence, of life.

30. Summary continued. Preliminaries.
These are the Magick Arts to be practised.

1. During the preparation, perform the Invocations ofthe Elements.
2. Observe the Feasts appointed by the A.'. A.'.

31. Summary continued. The actual Practice.

1. Procure the suitable intoxication.
2. As Nuit, contract thyself with infinite force uponHadit.

32. Summary continued. The Results.

1. Peculiar automatic breathing begins.
2. A light appears.
3. Samadhi of the two Infinites within aspirant.
4. Intensification of 3 on repetition.
5. Prolongation of life.
6. Death becomes the climax of the practice.

33. Summary concluded.
These are the practices to be performed in token of Thanksgivingfor

1. Aspiration to Liber XI.
2. Preaching of Theta-epsilon-lambda-eta-mu-alpha tomankind.
3. Blessing and Worship to the prophet of the lovelyStar.

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