Liber DCCCXIII vel ARARITA sub Figura DLXX --- by Crowley

Original key entry by Fr. H.B. in New York
1/24/90 e.v. ASCII conversion
by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O.
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The first chapter opens in an Arabic quotation, not givenhere because
it cannot be represented in ASCII.
--- Bill Heidrick






0. O my God! One is Thy Beginning! One is Thy Spirit,and Thy Permutation One!
1. Let me extol Thy perfections before men.
2. In the Image of a Sixfold Star that flameth acrossthe Vault inane, let me re-veil Thy perfections.
3. Thou hast appeared unto me as an aged God, a venerableGod, the Lord of Time, bearing a sharp
4. Thou hast appeared unto me as a jocund and ruddy God,full of Majesty, a King, a Father in his prime.
Thou didst bear the sceptre of the Universe, crownedwith the Wheel of the Spirit.
5. Thou hast appeared unto me with sword and spear, awarrior God in flaming armour among Thine
6. Thou hast appeared unto me as a young and brilliantGod, a god of music and beauty, even as a young
god in his strength, playing upon the lyre.
7. Thou hast appeared unto me as the white foam of Oceangathered into limbs whiter than the foam, the
limbs of a miracle of women, as a goddess of extremelove, bearing the girdle of gold.
8. Thou hast appeared to me as a young boy mischievousand lovely, with Thy winged globe and its
serpents set upon a staff.
9. Thou hast appeared to me as an huntress among Thydogs, as a goddess virginal chaste, as a moon
among the faded oaks of the wood of years.
10. But I was deceived by none of these. All these Icast aside, crying: Begone! So that all these faded
from my vision.
11. Also I welded together the Flaming Star and the SixfoldStar in the forge of my soul, and behold! a
new star 418 that is above all these.
12. Yet even so was I not deceived; for the crown hathtwelve rays.
13. And these twelve rays are one.



0. Now then I saw these things averse and evil; and theywere not, even as Thou art Not.
1. I saw the twin heads that ever battle against oneanother, so that all their thought is a confusion. I saw
Thee in these.
2. I saw the darkeners of wisdom, like black apes chatteringvile nonsense. I saw Thee in these.
3. I saw the devouring mothers of Hell, that eat up theirchildren --- O ye that are without understanding!
I saw Thee in these.
4. I saw the merciless and the unmajestic like harpiestearing their foul food. I saw Thee in these.
5. I saw the burning ones, giants like volcanoes belchingout the black vomit of fire and smoke in their
fury. I saw Thee in these.
6. I saw the petty, the quarrelsome, the selfish, ---they were like men, O Lord, they were even like unto
men. I saw Thee in these.
7. I saw the ravens of death, that flew with hoarse criesupon the carrion earth. I saw Thee in these.
8. I saw the lying spirits like frogs upon the earth,and upon the water, and upon the treacherous metal
that corrodeth all things and abideth not. I saw Theein these.
9. I saw the obscene ones, bull-men linked in the abyssof putrefaction, that gnawed each other's tongues
for pain. I saw Thee in these.
10. I saw the Woman. O my God, I beheld the image thereof,even as a lovely shape that concealeth a
black monkey, even as a figure that draweth with herhands small images of men down into hell. I saw
her from the head to the navel a woman, from the navelto the feet of her a man. I saw Thee even in her.
11. For mine was the keyword to the Closed Palace 418and mine the reins of the Chariot of the Sphinxes,
black and white.
But I was not deceived by anything of all these things.
12. For I expanded it by my subtlety into Twelve Raysof the Crown.
13. And these twelve rays were One.



0. Say thou that He God is one; God is the EverlastingOne; nor hath He any Equal, or any Son, or any
Companion. Nothing shall stand before His face.
1. Even for five hundred and eleven times nightly forone and forty days did I cry aloud unto the Lord the
affirmation of His Unity.
2. Also did I glorify His wisdom, whereby He made theworlds.
3. Yea, I praised Him for His intelligible essence, wherebythe universe became light.
4. I did thank Him for His manifold mercy; I did worshipHis magnificence and majesty.
5. I trembled before His might.
6. I delighted in the Harmony and Beauty of His Essence.
7. In His Victory I pursued His enemies; yea I dravethem down the steep; I thundered after them into the
utmost abyss; yea, therein I partook of the glory ofmy Lord.
8. His Splendour shone upon me; I adored His adorablesplendour.
9. I rested myself, admiring the Stability of Him, howthe shaking of His Universe, the dissolution of all
things, should move Him not.
10. Yea, verily, I the Lord Viceregent of His Kingdom,I, Adonai, who speak unto my servant V.V.V.V.V.
did rule and govern in His place.
11. Yet also did I formulate the word of double powerin the Voice of the Master, even the word 418.
12. And all these things deceived me not, for I expandedthem by my subtlety into the Twelve Rays of the
13. And these twelve rays were One.



0. Also the little child, the lover of Adonai, even V.V.V.V.V.,reflecting the glory of Adonai, lifted up his
voice and said:
1. Glory to God, and Thanksgiving to God! There is OneGod alone, and God is exceeding great. He is
about us, and there is no strength save in Him the exalted,the great.
2. Thus did V.V.V.V.V. become mad, and wend about naked.
3. And all these things fled away, for he understoodthem all, that they were but as old rags upon the
Divine Perfection.
4. Also he pitied them all, that they were but reflectionsdistorted.
5. Also he smote them, lest they should bear rule overthe just.
6. Also he harmonized them into one picture, beautifulto behold.
7. And having thus conquered them, there was a certainglamour of holiness even in the hollow sphere of
outward brilliance.
8. So that all became splendid.
9. And having firmly stablished them in order and disposition,
10. He proclaimed the perfection, the bride, the delightof God in His creation.
11. But though thus he worked, he tried ever his workby the Star 418.
12. And it deceived him not; for by his subtlety he expandedit all into the Twelve Rays of the Crown.
13. And these twelve rays were One.



0. In the place of the cross the indivisible point whichhath no points nor parts nor magnitude. Nor
indeed hath it position, being beyond space. Nor hathit existence in time, for it is beyond Time. Nor
hath it cause or effect, seeing that its Universe isinfinite every way, and partaketh not of these our
1. So wrote <<omicron-upsilon mu-eta>> the ExemptAdept, and the laughter of the Masters of the
Temple abashed him not.
2. Nor was he ashamed, hearing the laughter of the littledogs of hell.
3. For he abode in his place, and his falsehood was truthin his place.
4. The little dogs cannot correct him, for they can donaught but bark.
5. The masters cannot correct him, for they say: Comeand see.
6. And I came and saw, even I, Perdurabo, the Philosophusof the Outer College.
7. Yea, even I the man beheld this wonder.
8. And I could not deliver it unto myself.
9. That which established me is invisible and unknowablein its essence.
10. Only they who know IT may be known.
11. For they have the genius of the mighty sword 418.
12. And they are not deceived by any of these things;for by their subtlety
do they expand them all into the Twelve Rays of the Crown.
13. And these twelve rays are One.



0. Deeper and deeper into the mire of things!
Farther and farther into the never-ending Expansion ofthe Abyss.
1. The great goddess that bendeth over the Universe ismy mistress; I am the winged globe at her heart.
2. I contract ever as she ever expandeth;
3. At the end it is all one.
4. Our loves have brought to birth the Father and Creatorof all things.
5. He hath established the elements; the aether, theair, the water, the earth, and the fire.
6. He hath established the wandering stars in their courses.
7. He hath ploughed with the seven stars of his Plough,that the Seven might move indeed, yet ever point
to the unchanging One.
8. He hath established the Eight Belts, wherewith hehath girdled the globes.
9. He hath established the Trinity of Triads in all things,forcing fire into fire, and ordering all things in
the Stable Abode of the Kings of AEgypt.
10. He hath established His rule in His kingdom.
11. Yet the Father also boweth unto the Power of theStar 418 and thereby
12. In his subtlety He expandeth it all into twelve raysof the Crown.
13. And these twelve rays are One.



0. Then in the might of the Lion did I formulate untomyself that holy and formless fire, <<Hebrew, left
to right for English: Qof-Dalet-Shin>> , which dartethand flasheth through the depths of the Universe.
1. At the touch of the Fire Qadosh the earth melted intoa liquor clear as water.
2. At the touch of the Fire Qadosh the water smoked intoa lucid air.
3. At the touch of the Fire Qadosh the air ignited, andbecame Fire.
4. At the touch of the Fire Qadosh, O Lord, the Firedissipated into Space.
5. At the touch of the Fire Qadosh, O Lord, the Spaceresolved itself into a Profundity of Mind.
6. At the touch of the Fire Qadosh the Mind of the Fatherwas broken up into the brilliance of our Lord
the Sun.
7. At the touch of the Fire Qadosh the Brilliance ofour Lord was absorbed in the Naught of our Lady of
the Body of the Milk of the Stars.
8. Then only was the Fire Qadosh extinguished, when theEnterer was driven back from the threshold,
9. And the Lord of Silence was established upon the Lotusflower.
10. Then was accomplished all that which was to be accomplished.
11. And All and One and Naught were slain in the slayingof the Warrior 418,
12. In the slaying of the subtlety that expanded allthese things into the Twelve Rays of the Crown,
13. That returned unto One, and beyond One, even untothe vision of the Fool in his folly that chanted the
word Ararita, and beyond the Word and the Fool; yea,beyond the Word and the Fool.

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